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Programme management

Programme Administration

Administrative organisation: VTT
Programme Director: Dr. Jari Hämäläinen
Project Coordinator: MScTech. Vesa Suolanen

SAFIR2018 Operational management handbook [PDF] describes the organisation and administrative practices of the research programme.

Management board

The management board [PDF] is responsible for the programme as a whole and its results so that the programme meets the statutory requirements. The management board also decides on the project portfolio, monitors the implementation of the research programme and updates the framework plan for call for proposals, if needed. The management board prepares a proposal for the MEE on the projects for the next year, and the MEE will prepare a statutory funding proposal to VYR after receiving a statement from STUK.

Research area steering groups

The research area steering groups are responsible for the compliance and results of the research programme in their respective fields; they prepare the calls for proposals for their fields, evaluate research project proposals and place the projects in reference groups. The groups also promote the emergence of multidisciplinary research projects and are responsible for updates to the research areas’ plans and annual areas of focus. The steering group can propose to establish new reference groups in its own area and also propose multidisciplinary groups to the management board. The steering groups are responsible for monitoring the research projects in their fields and for reporting to the management board. They also rely on the competence of the reference groups when monitoring the progress of research in the projects and when otherwise necessary. The steering groups must ensure that the achieved results and realised costs of the projects are in line with the funding decisions. The steering group will approve changes to the proportions of tasks within a research project, when proposed by the reference groups, if they require changes to funding. The steering group also approves the corresponding changes in funding.

Steering Group SG1 - Plant safety and systems engineering [PDF]
Kokonaisturvallisuus ja suunnittelun hallinta (ohjausryhmä, in Finnish)

Steering Group SG2 - Reactor safety [PDF]

Steering Group SG3 - Structural safety and materials [PDF]
Rakentellinen turvallisuus ja materiaalit

Reference groups

The reference groups are responsible for the scientific guidance of the research projects and decide on changes to project plans concerning their research content as the work progresses. The members of the reference groups may evaluate the scientific level and content of the research project proposals upon request of the steering group of the research area.

SAFIR2018 Reference groups and projects [PDF]
Tukiryhmät (in Finnish)

Reference Group RG1 - Automation, organisation and human factors [PDF]
Automaatio, organisaatio ja inhimilliset tekijät

Reference Group RG2 - Severe accidents and risk analysis [PDF]
Vakavat onnettomuudet ja riskitutkimus

Reference Group RG3 - Reactor and fuel [PDF]
Reaktori ja polttoaine

Reference Group RG4 - Thermal hydraulics [PDF]

Reference Group RG5 - Structural integrity [PDF]
Rakenteellinen eheys

Reference Group RG6 - Research infrastructure [PDF]
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